Teeth Grinding

When you wake up, do you feel fabulous?

Or do you suffer from…

  • Aching jaw joints?
  • Aching and sensitive teeth?
  • A stiff and painful neck?
  • Frequent toothaches?
  • Morning headaches?
  • Limitations when opening your mouth?
  • Tension and migrane type headaches?

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, you could be grinding your teeth in the night.

Teeth grinding is clinically referred to as Bruxism.

Simply defined, it is the act of consciously or unconsciously clenching your teeth either during the day or while you sleep. Bruxism is considered both a medical and a dental problem. This is because it affects both the teeth and all of the structure near it, including the head.

Teeth grinding can bring about problems like mouth, jaw, and face problems, broken dentures, missing teeth, and many others. It is very important to consult a dentist so that the teeth grinding habit is addressed before any further problems develop.

There are a range of treatments that can help you if you are suffering with the effects of Bruxism; book a consultation here at Manor House Dental Practice. We can help!